Four Pillars

Safety Net

Safety Net is at the core of our work. Safety Net funding supports members of our community in immediate crisis to stabilize them and provide a foundation for future success. It includes food, disaster relief, crisis intervention, emergency shelter, and more.

  • Our Goal

    1. To accomplish this goal of stability, United Way of Central Massachusetts funds programs that are working in one or more of these critical areas:
      1. FOOD
      2. SHELTER

  • Our Work

    1. Safety Net services helped more than 100,000 individuals who were unable to meet basic needs due to conditions that created vulnerability. Programs that address these needs such as food distribution, family shelters, legal services, and disaster relief received funding from United Way of Central Massachusetts to assist:

      1.  31,000 people experiencing a sudden or unexpected crisis;
      2. 30,000 people with food assistance, especially the vulnerable populations of infants and elders;
      3. 4,800 people with legal and protective services;
      4. 35,000 people were provided shelter or prevented from being homeless.