Massachusetts Farm Resiliency Fund

The MA Farm Resiliency Fund was created by the United Way of Central Massachusetts (UWCM) with the intention of both responding to the recent storm impact in western and central Mass, as well as having long-term potential to respond to how climate is affecting our farms.

The Fund Will Support:

  • Farmers and their families and their livelihood affected by natural disasters;
  • Crops – the food that is grown locally that provides nourishment;
  • Children and Families, Seniors, Veterans – who use Food Banks and local food pantries to combat hunger and work toward food security;
  • The economy – of the region and the state. There are 7,241 farms in Massachusetts, comprising 491,653 acres and employing 25,920 people. These farms generate $475,000,000 for the Massachusetts economy.


State and government officials, philanthropic partners and private foundations have joined together to raise significant dollars to aid farmers affected by these devastating losses due to severe weather. To ensure farmers can recover as quickly as possible, all funds will be distributed rapidly through a deliberate selection process.

If you would prefer to donate by check, our mailing address is United Way of Central Massachusetts, 18 Chestnut Street, Suite 530, Worcester, MA 01608.  Venmo is also an option: @UnitedWayCM.