Donor Groups

Will you join us?

Every year, United Way of Central Massachusetts has nearly 11,000 individual donors who say “YES! I want to improve our local community” through giving, volunteering and advocating.  They LIVE UNITED!


Our donors are incredibly generous. We receive gifts ranging anywhere from $1 per week to more than $25,000 annually.  It is that range, and the ability for anyone to participate, that makes the United Way of Central Massachusetts such an important part of our community.


Many of our donors have been part of the United Way of Central Massachusetts for years with some donating for a majority of our 100-year history.  For those that have been and continue to be donors, we say THANK YOU!


We welcome new donors and volunteers to be part of our work, through a workplace donation, an individual gift, by participating in our annual Day of Caring, or advocating for one of our core issues and focus areas. Will you join us?

To learn about the Women’s Initiative:

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