Worcester Disaster Relief Fund


The City of Worcester and United Way of Central Massachusetts have joined forces to create the Worcester Disaster Relief Fund.

This initiative aims to provide immediate financial support and resources to Worcester residents affected by disasters. Your generous donation will help families in crisis get back on their feet by addressing urgent needs such as food, housing, and protective services.

Together, we can strengthen our community and ensure swift recovery in times of need.

To donate to the fund here: Worcester Disaster Relief Fund

About the Worcester Disaster Relief Fund


The Worcester Disaster Relief Fund is a collaborative initiative between the City of Worcester and United Way of Central Massachusetts, established to provide immediate financial support and vital resources to residents impacted by disasters. Whether facing natural catastrophes, technological accidents, or human-caused events, our goal is to help those affected begin their recovery and strengthen our community in times of crisis.

Our Mission:

  • Immediate Financial Support: We aim to provide Worcester residents with the financial assistance they need to address urgent needs such as food, housing, and protective services following a disaster.
  • Comprehensive Resources and Programs: Beyond financial aid, we offer a range of resources and programs designed to support the recovery process and enhance community resilience.
  • Community Collaboration: By working together, the City of Worcester and United Way of Central Massachusetts are committed to creating a robust safety net for our community.

How We Work:

  • Fund Administration: The City’s Department of Emergency Communications and Emergency Management oversees the fund’s operations, ensuring that eligible residents receive timely assistance.
  • Financial Management: United Way serves as the fiscal agent for the program, maintaining a dedicated financial account for donations and providing transparent financial administration.
  • Awareness and Promotion: We actively promote the fund through social media, public postings, and various community channels to raise awareness and encourage donations.
  • Timely Disbursement: In collaboration with the City, we ensure that funds are swiftly disbursed to individuals following a disaster, adhering to established policies and procedures.