Women’s Initiative


Member Spotlight


How many years have you been giving to the Women’s Initiative? I have been giving to the Women’s Initiative for nearly 20 years.


Why is it important to support women and girls? It is extremely important to continually support young girls and women today and in the future for multiple reasons:


In the 21st century, after decades of progressive movements supporting women’s rights, we find ourselves in a society where those rights are being threatened in the US and worldwide: the elimination of a woman’s right to choose; abuse of young women and girls in athletics; women being murdered for speaking out in third world countries, to name a few.


Woman are the nucleus of the family; the main caregivers, primary decision makers relative to healthcare, primary nutritionists, and so much more. And yet, women continue to struggle to receive equal pay for like work in today’s society.


Therefore, the work of the Women’s Initiative is critical to continue to provide young girls and woman with the education, confidence building and resources to realize their strengths, build their confidence and courage and strive to achieve their dreams.


What has been your experience being a Women’s Initiative member? Extremely rewarding. I’ve had the opportunity to teach in the dollar for scholar program as well as participate in many of the creative programs sponsored by the Women’s Initiative. The team is innovative and focused on providing the resources and programs to support strength and growth in the young women of Central MA.


Why is it important for women (and men) to support the Women’s Initiative? It’s important to support the programs that are building strengths in those community members who are and will continue to be the caregivers, creators, activists and innovators of our community and society.


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Girls’ Impact Story



“My daughter was having a lot of struggles and dealing with anxiety. For three months, my wife and I were going to the hospital three or four times every week not knowing what was going on. We weren’t sure how to separate her anxiety from the physical issues. Her school wasn’t helpful and suggested she attend a special school. My daughter told me she didn’t need a special school, she just needed kindness.


My colleague recommended I send her to Knox Trail Middle School to provide more support. My daughter went from going to a school that she couldn’t attend two hours a day, to going to Knox Trail a full day, every day. She got connected with the #GirlsWorld program, run by Girls, Inc., and it saved her. She went to this group Mondays and Tuesdays for an hour and was always the last one to leave. She bonded with the facilitator and felt safe to ask questions to somebody she respected.


Every day, my daughter would come home from this program and we would have the most amazing discussions about what it means to be a girl growing up in this world today and she would share information she learned such as signs of an unhealthy relationship or self-defense skills. These are things that girls need to know.


Everybody can make a difference. We can raise strong, confident girls that can achieve their dreams no matter what anybody says to them. If there’s anything more important, I don’t know what it is. I thank the Women’s Initiative for making a difference to my family.”